Avocado (2nd month Update)

The last time I posted about my avocado was October 7th and I'm happy to say that the 4 seeds I tried to sprout were successful. One is growing quite well, the 2 others were just transferred to a small pot but they are both thriving well (I gave one seedling to my father-in-law) while …

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Welcome to Aomori, Japan (Day 2)

When you mention the name "Aomori", most Japanese people would think about the words "far", "countryside", "cold", and probably "apples". Well, all of those are correct but I hope people's perspective about this place change which is actually my goal in today's post. Our second day started early as we went to visit a local …

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Avocado and others (1 month update)

A month or so has passed since I tried the lifehack avocado germinating experiment and here are some photos of how well they're doing now. (Yes, the lifehack is TRUE so I recommend ya'll to try it yourself). Two weeks after poking and submerging some seeds into a cup, one seed germinated fast. It developed roots while the …

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Urban gardening version 2

A few months back, I started gardening again as a diversion from boredom. I tried germinating different kinds of fruits from seeds. Some were successful but most were not. Also, the surviving ones now don’t really look great since it has been raining heavily in our area for a very long time. However, I still …

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New Experiments and some updates!

Online shopping has captured the hearts of millennials and try as I might avoid its temptation, I still end up getting hooked. Every now and then, I check for flash deals and other things. Even if I do not really have something in mind that I need or want to buy, I feel satisfaction whenever I …

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Container Gardening (an experiment)

When I was young, I had the chance to get hands-on in gardening. Both my parents were gardening enthusiasts and I grew up seeing them tend to different kinds of plants, whether ornamental or agricultural (edible). Recently, along with my sister and my friends, we decided to be the "Titas" that were are becoming and …

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