Organise your thoughts quickly!

When sitting for an English speaking test, candidates often expect to respond to general questions or questions that are commonly asked in every day situation such as hobbies, job, education, and so on. However, almost all of them still find it hard to organise their thoughts properly because of many factors. Luckily, there are some …

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Graduation Speech (Princeton University; History Majors)

DISCLAIMER: This only a sample motivational speech. The character/speaker is only an imagined personality.  Graduation Speech Bachelor of Arts in History Batch 2019 About the Speaker Lauren Phoenix (34 years old) is an educator and entrepreneur who graduated Cum laude in Bachelor of Arts in History at Princeton University in 2008. A few months ago, she …

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Motivational Speech for History Majors(Sample)

Graduates, I know what you are thinking. You are probably thinking that I’ll be talking about the excitement of the real world, how exhilarating it is to start your new life, and how wonderful it is to be stepping out of this University to discover new things. Well, I think that kind of speech should …

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A Series of Fortunate Experiences (A restaurant review)

Disclaimer: This is only for a writing challenge. Opinions and information shared here are honest views and we are not promoting and/or advertising the restaurant in any way. We hope you enjoy reading this review. Thank you! If you have comments or questions, do not hesitate to write them in the comments section! Restaurant Review: …

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IELTS Speaking Checklist

Practice your speaking skill. Use this checklist! #ESL #IELTS #speaking

the wonderful world of jazz

It is particularly challenging for someone to improve their Speaking skill if you do not have someone to check on your speech.

This is a simple checklist I made to help you assess yourself and/or your students’ speaking skill. Feel free to utilize or edit this if needed (just don’t forget to acknowledge the rightful owner of this assessment tool). Thank you.

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The Unknown Queen (How the Wind Fairy came to be)

Please tell us what you think of this script.

the wonderful world of jazz

Word Count: 1186

The Unknown

(How the Wind
Fairy came to be)

By Team Erudite


a land called Erudite, 4 kingdoms, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, exist. The
kingdoms represent the elements that they control.

the North is the Wind Kingdom where a powerful Queen rules. For many years, the
kingdom has flourished under her reign.


(mid 30s, dressed in long white silk gown
overlooking her kingdom from her balcony) She is known as an accomplished queen
making all invaders go down in defeat.
With all her achievements, she became the most formidable leader in all the
land recognized by everyone. This is what the queen was hungry for: praise and
recognition. She had everything under her control…until drought swept the
whole land. The fields are growing dry, and people are…

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Fun in Pangasinan (Lingayen and Hundred Islands)

Last weekend, my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  As a family, we went out on an almost 2-day trip in some places in Pangasinan, Philippines. Our first stop was in the capital city of Pangasinan - Lingayen City. Although I have been to this place many times, I haven't really went around …

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