Graduation Speech (Princeton University; History Majors)

DISCLAIMER: This only a sample motivational speech. The character/speaker is only an imagined personality.  Graduation Speech Bachelor of Arts in History Batch 2019 About the Speaker Lauren Phoenix (34 years old) is an educator and entrepreneur who graduated Cum laude in Bachelor of Arts in History at Princeton University in 2008. A few months ago, she …

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The Unknown Queen (How the Wind Fairy came to be)

Word Count: 1186 The Unknown Queen (How the Wind Fairy came to be) By Team Erudite EXT. – FAR AWAY LAND – DAY In a land called Erudite, 4 kingdoms, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, exist. The kingdoms represent the elements that they control. In the North is the Wind Kingdom where a powerful Queen …

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Avoid this same mistake!

I have become so obsessed with trying to improve my writing skill by reading as much as I can. I’ve been reading all sorts of things from grammar books to self-help books, news articles and blog posts, but I never really tried “applying” whatever techniques I have learned (or observed) from all those reading. Lately, …

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Try not to be stuck

Being in the ESL world, I have probably discussed everything under the sun. In my experience, questions can seem too easy but quite difficult to provide plausible and comprehensible answers to. At times, one person can be knowledgeable in one topic whilst the other has completely no idea about it. When preparing for the IELTS …

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