Little Cloud

This story is the final output of my team’s combined efforts to create an original short story for children 5-7 years old. 


  1. Little Cloud
  2. Nimby Cloud
  3. Big Fluffy Cloud
  4. Wind Fairy

Setting: In the sky; Cloud Castle

Hey Little Cloud, kick the ball here!” shouted Big Fluffy Cloud as he ran to Little Cloud.

It was a fine day and all the clouds in the neighborhood were playing. They were big, fluffy and soft like a pillow. Shy Little Cloud was standing at the corner. He was as small as cotton candy.

“Kick the ball here!” shouted Big Fluffy Cloud but Little Cloud was so scared. He kicked the ball, but he slipped.

“Oh no!” cried Little Cloud. His friend Nimby Cloud helped him to get up. Little Cloud was so sad, so his friend Nimby Cloud asked him, “What’s wrong?” And Little Cloud said, “I can’t play with them anymore. I’m too small.” And he walked away with his head down.  

On his way back home, he passed by a group of clouds and he saw them drank water from a lake. He noticed they got a bit bigger.

“Wow! Hmm…Maybe I can do that, too! I can get bigger and play with the other bigger clouds.’’ He left thinking about that idea.

He was very excited so he woke up early. He ran as fast as he could to the lake. When he arrived, he tried to drink water. Then, he saw his reflection on the water.

“Oh, I can’t believe it! I look like Big Fluffy Cloud,” he said to himself. He thought that his friend should see him. He was so excited that he didn’t notice that he was already at the playground. Then, he saw his friends playing. The ball rolled where Little Cloud was. Nimby Cloud reached for the ball and saw Little Cloud. Nimby Cloud said, “Is that you Little Cloud? You look different today.’’

Little Cloud said, “Do I really look different?”

While they were talking, they heard a loud voice, “What is taking you so long?”

They turned around and saw Big Fluffy Cloud walking to them. Big Fluffy Cloud got surprised to see Little Cloud and asked, “Little Cloud, is that you? You look bigger! Why don’t you play with us?”

Little Cloud felt so happy and he played with them. But, he noticed that most of his friends were still bigger than him and he wanted to be like them. So, he lied.

“I have something to do at home. See you tomorrow!”

Little Cloud went straight to the lake again. He drank some water, and he felt his body growing. “Whoa! I’ve never been this big!”  He smiled. “Hmmm… I need to drink more, so I’ll get bigger and bigger!”

And so he drank more. Little Cloud was happy. He went home with a big, big smile on his face.

The next day, everyone was surprised to see Little Cloud.

“Little Cloud, look at you! You look so big!” everyone said. “C’mon, let’s play!” And everyone was happy.

Every day, Little Cloud drank water from other lakes. He drank all the water he saw. He grew bigger and bigger. He knew that his friends will love him more.

There was no rain for many weeks. The farmlands were drying out, the crops were dying, and the people were thirsty. They wished for rain every day, but still, it didn’t.

Meanwhile, Little Cloud was no longer little. He kept growing and growing and growing. “I am the biggest in the sky now!” exclaimed Little Cloud. “No one can stop me!”

His friends did not recognize Little Cloud anymore. He grew so big, but he looked different–heavy and gray. They did not want to come near him. Even Nimby Cloud was too scared to invite him to play.

“Let’s go,” said Nimby to his friends. “We are no match for him.” So, the clouds flew away as fast as they can.

Little Cloud felt sad. Suddenly, the Wind Fairy appeared.

“What’s wrong?” asked the Wind Fairy.      

“No one wants to play with me because I’m too big.” replied Little Cloud. “I don’t know what I’m going to do now.”

Seeing Little Cloud unhappy, the Wind Fairy thought of a way to make him happy again.

“Let’s go for a walk. Maybe we can find something that will make you smile.” said the Wind Fairy. “Okay,” sobbed Little Cloud.

They walked and talked about the things they saw. After a while, the Wind Fairy asked Little Cloud to look at the river and the places around it.

“Little Cloud, what can you see?” she asked. “Can you tell me what’s wrong?” she added.

Little Cloud was surprised. He saw the river all dried up and the plants nearby it withered. He also saw the animals and the people feeling weak and thirsty.

“What happened here? Where’s all the water?” he asked.

Then suddenly he remembered. “Is this because I drank all the water?” he shouted. “Oh no! I didn’t mean it! What should I do?”

“I know you did not want this to happen,” replied the Wind Fairy. “Let’s first let go of the water you’re holding and let’s see what will happen.”

Little Cloud slowly poured the rain down the river and to the places nearby. As the rain was pouring, he saw the plants, animals and people smiling with joy. This made Little Cloud feel better and happier.

While the rain was pouring, his body started to shrink back. After all the water he held was poured, Little Cloud felt lighter and his color became white again. A big rainbow appeared in the sky and all the little children below started to run and play.

“Do you see how happy the people are?” she asked. “This is what happens when you give back. Wanting to have more is okay but, you do not need too much. Be happy with what you have,” she added.

“Yes, I understand now. Thank you for your kind words,” said Little Cloud.

The Wind Fairy brought him to the Cloud Castle. There, he saw big and small clouds playing happily together.


Moral lessons: Do not be greedy; be yourself


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