I would like to clarify

I have been receiving and reading comments about some of the essays I posted on my blog. Some were about what I need to change in my outputs, while some are negative comments about them. Well, to be honest, I always appreciate whatever people think about my work. Whether they like it or not will depend on them. I apologize if my blog’s name misleads other fellow IELTS learners into thinking that my essays and posts are “perfect” or the “best”. Although it is mentioned on the home page that these posts are only practice writings that I did when I was learning to write academic essays before sitting for the exam roughly 2 years ago.

As I recall, I couldn’t find sample essays of sample tests that I used at that time. And because of this, I decided to make this blog and post my writings so that those who are also practicing and trying to answer the same writing tasks can have at least a resource of how other people might interpret these graphs and problems.

Anyway, to cut this short, I have decided to update the name of my page and add the words “practice essays” in my page name to help clear things a bit. If by chance you have read and maybe will read some of the posts I made, please understand that I am NOT a native English speaker and that I am ALSO doing my best to improve my language skills, especially my writing, just like a lot of people.


If you wanna read some of my old sample essays, you can check out my blogger account:


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