Hard times

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do. This may sound cliche but there’s really no other way to say it. A few days ago, I said goodbye to a loyal companion who was also a part of our family, Chippy.

Chippy was my hubby’s gift for our daughter Yzabella. When Yza was just a few months old, Jeiel decided to surprise me with a dog. Chippy was a half-bred Chihuahua and Dachshund, however, for some unknown reason, Chippy was bigger than her siblings so when he bought Chippy, she was not as expensive as the other pups.

Chippy, never experienced living inside our house. She was always tied in her house due to the fact that she was too active to let loose. She was, however, taught to fetch things and has always been super enthusiastic to play.

A couple of months ago, she gave birth to 4 pups. Unfortunately, two of them did not survive while the 2 other pups are happily roaming around our compound to this day.

After giving birth, an accident happened. Roughly 3 weeks ago, she got into a fight with another dog and because they were trying to kill each other, some people stepped in to stop their fight. Things happened and Chippy got hurt. Her left front leg broke.

She was taken to the veterinary for a checkup and her vet recommended that her leg be in a cast. We agreed and followed her vet’s advice. We were informed that healing would take about 4 weeks so while waiting for the healing to take place, they asked us to give Chippy anti-inflammatory medicine once a day and to massage her affected leg every now and then since swelling is expected.

During the first week, she takes her medicine without much effort and it wasn’t too difficult for me to feed her. As days went by though, her appetite changed and she didn’t like taking her medicines. At first, it didn’t worry me too much because she would eat if we “spoon-feed” her and she drinks enough water every day. But maybe, my judgment was wrong. She started avoiding us, stopped eating even when we try to feed her by hand, and even tried to hide from us.

Her health deteriorated way too fast and she grew confused. She tried chewing off her cast and one day, we just saw her leg bleeding. Infection also contributed to her deterioration and we could only watch her suffer from pain.

I really can’t put the events into words since it all happened in a blur.

Right now, all I could do is say, “Thank you, Chippy for all the good memories you gave us and for leaving us with two beautiful pups that somehow resemble you. We’ll do our best to take care of them. We love you and sleep well.”

My last photo of Chippy

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