New Experiments and some updates!

Online shopping has captured the hearts of millennials and try as I might avoid its temptation, I still end up getting hooked. Every now and then, I check for flash deals and other things. Even if I do not really have something in mind that I need or want to buy, I feel satisfaction whenever I browse and check the products available online.

A few weeks ago, my ever-loving hubby bought us a new phone. Since January, I couldn’t use a phone to check things online because my previous phone died. I was only active online when I get to spend my free time at work surfing the internet using my PC. But now, I have a phone. Of course, I resisted the urge to download apps that were distracting me from work and actual life. However, I failed. So yeah.

Maybe some of you already know that I recently got into gardening and stuff like that. Yes, I actually looked for gardening stuff online. I enjoyed looking at the different kinds of plants and seeds I can actually order online. As a result, I bought some seeds to fulfill 2 things. One, my new found hobby and two, my curiosity. So what did I order? I bought 3 different kinds of seeds (Hydrangeas, Cherry Blossom, and Jasmine) in Shopee and the seller even gave me free seeds! Although I really don’t know what seeds were those because I couldn’t read the label well.

I was such a happy kiddo when these were delivered to me. Also, the seller included a piece of paper wherein instructions on how to plant weeds were written.

To be honest, I didn’t really read and follow the instructions here. Instead, I just used the technique I have been using since I started gardening -the paper towel method.

With some paper towels, water, plastic, and marker, I started prepping for the germination process. On a counter, I carefully laid the seeds on a paper towel and covered them with more paper towel. I then sprinkled water on the paper towel and seeds being careful not to dampen the towel too much. Finally, I used plastic containers for food and wrote labels on each of them. I wrote the name of the seeds and the date when I started my experiment. For the Cherry blossom seeds, I placed them in our refrigerator (not freezer!) while the others were placed in a dry and cool place (cupboard). I’m not entirely sure how long until the germination process starts but I promised myself to check every two days.

So, all I have to do now is wait!

Here’s an update of the other plants we tried to germinate before:

Star apple
Apple (maybe tomato?)

2 thoughts on “New Experiments and some updates!

    1. I’m having a hard time understanding how it became a tomato since I literally germinated and planted the seeds myself. So I was very sad to see that it really is a tomato. whatever happened to my apple seeds, I will never know.


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