Sparking creativity

Yesterday, we went to a public school located in a place called Anao. This place is not a well-known area but locals know it as a place where “Ylang-ylang” trees are abundant. If you’re a Filipino, you surely know the significance of this tree. Many Filipinos most definitely have a faint memory of seeing ylang-ylang hung up on the mirrors of public jeepneys or small statues of saints like the Sto. Nino and other religious stuff.

Anyway, as I have already mentioned, we went to a public school where my mother-in-law teaches and gives Sunday service. When we arrived in front of the school, I decided not to stay in our car and to go and look around the school for I know that public schools in the Philippines are mandated to have their own vegetable and medicinal plant garden. To my surprise, the school was bright and full of colors that are actually pleasing to the eyes. My little toddler was also excited to see different kinds of plants potted in themed clay pots. The whole area seemed like a playground for children. While going around and taking photos of the place, I have realized that this little school from nowhere is making a lot of efforts inviting children to be as imaginative and creative as possible. I did not have the chance to meet any staff from this humble institution because it was a Sunday. Too bad. I would have given them big compliments.

I hope most schools, both public and private, create an environment that develop children’s creativity and at the same time, provide quality education.

Pokemon inspired design

Minion pots
Even their trash bins are painted
Emoji table and chairs

Old tires double as a decoration and pot.


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