IELTS Listening Test Section 3 Sample with answers


Questions 21-22 

Choose the correct letter from A – C. 

21    Rose’s plan for the tutorial is to research and present

A the differences between male and female children.

B the different ways that male and female children are raised.

C the differences between male and female parenting.

22    The British experiments that Rose refers to in the conversation

A were carried out in 100 families.

B observed girls and boys who were raised identically.

C noted the different treatments males and females received.

Questions 23 – 26 

Choose TWO letters from A – E for each answer.

23 & 24   This tutorial will

A require Marie and Rose to carry out research.

B interest the tutor and their classmates.

C be tested.

D help Marie to catch up on her research work.

E benefit other assessment that Rose and Marie have to do.

25 & 26   Before starting their preparation, Marie and Rose must

A catch up on other work.

B agree on the topic.

C get approval from the tutor.

D make an appointment to see a librarian.

E plan carefully for the next two weeks.

Questions 27-30 

Complete the form below. Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.


21 A 

22 B               

23 Aor E       

24 E or A   

25 C or D         

26 D or C            

27 Early Childhood 

28 the differences / how they differ 

29 not learned / innate 

30 in person 

Resource: 404 Essential Tests for IELTS” by Donna Scovell, Vicki Pastellas and Max Knobel


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