IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 Band 6.5 Sample Essay (Computers)


It has been mentioned by a number of people that computers by far, are the most essential and useful tool that was invented in the last century. This essay will focus on my complete agreement to this statement as well as some supporting examples.

A world without computers is highly unimaginable. We know all too well that almost all people in the world, from different walks of life, use a computer for purposes like studying, entertainment and work. By using such device, individuals can juggle their tasks and time more effectively and productively. Students can try and get information faster on the internet than browsing each and every book they can get their hands on in a library. Plus, through the use of computers and the internet, distance learning has become one way for us to learn new things on our own time and convenience. This is especially helpful for those students and workers who both work and study at the same time. With this new platform, it is truly appropriate to say that we are living in the information era.

Other than education, computers are now utilized as a means of communication. Whether for personal and/or corporate use, computers have become the tool of choice for its efficiency and convenience. Unlike before, sending a message to anyone in the world can be done anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks of a button without even spending much money. Moreover, it is now easier to make international friends nowadays thanks to social networks.

In conclusion, computers or computer-like devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) have revolutionized the way humans live. They have helped us in ways we could never have imagined.

Word Count: 282


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