IELTS Cambridge 11 test 1 Writing Task 2


It is an accepted fact that a country’s economic improvement relies on its amenities. Without this factor, movement of one product to another, either local or imported, would be a great feat. It is then equally vital that a nation’s government construct either railways or roads or both. This essay will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of both.

Great developed countries like the US, the UK, and Japan, to mention a few, are known for their state-of-the-art railway system. These railways provide fast and quality service that benefits both the citizens and their economy. However, for nations that are not blessed with a high GDP and GNP rate, construction of railways can be the least of their priorities. Railroads take up a large amount of land and use a lot of money. Moreover, its construction could last for a much longer time than improving roads. Also, countries that are composed of islands like the Philippines, would find it rather complicated to create a railroad that connects one island to another.

For the developing and third world countries, constructing roads would seem to be more realistic. Almost all countries now have their own highways and streets so the only point to consider is the enhancement of these main streets. Although materials are cheaper than that of railways, one setback to think about is space. Most roads in rural and urban areas are already surrounded by tall skyscrapers and residential areas. Widening these streets in such places can become close to impossible if residents and businessmen would strongly oppose the government’s plans.

In general, therefore, it is proper to mention that railroads and highways are crucial to a country’s improvement and further development. Then again, governments must weigh the pros and cons of each so that they could come up with a better plan on how they would spend money for their constituent’s and economic welfare.

Word Count: 314


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