Cambridge 11 Test 3 Writing Task 1


The data from the line graph illustrates the carbon dioxide emissions of an average individual per metric tonnes in four European countries every decade from 1967-2007.A closer look at the data highlights the fact that among the 4 nations, the UK has the highest rate in carbon dioxide emissions per person in 40 years.

In 1967, there was approximately 11 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide released by an average Englishman which was about ten times higher than the emissions made by an individual from Portugal. However, it can be seen that as time went by, the carbon dioxide emitted by Englishmen decreased gradually to over 8 metric tonnes in 2007.

On the other hand, a different trend can be noted in the countries Italy and Portugal where the emissions slowly rose from an initial rate of approximately 4 and 1 metric ton to about 7 and 6 metric tonnes in 4 decades.

In Sweden, emissions increased to its record highest in 1977 with about 10 metric tonnes from a baseline rate of over 8. This rate however noticeably plunged as the years gone by until it reached a rate which is almost similar to Portugal in the year 2007.

Word Count: 199


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